Aerial Data & Analysis: new tools for preservation projects

Aerial imagery is the most efficient capture method for site inspection and rehabilitation data for visual and scientific analysis. Applying remote sensing technologies to preservation projects just makes sense. We offer RGB and thermal imagery that can significantly save time and money during project assessments, renovations and site management.

  • visual inspections of structures, property & vegetation
  • scientific assessments with georeferenced photogrammetry
  • comprehensive thermal imagery with customized color indexing
  • especially valuable for unsafe structures and remote locations

GreenSky connects your story to people for community, visitors & fundraising

We believe in the power of 3D Tour learning, engaging potentially millions of people through virtual visits and developing connections to exceptional scenes of human history in Colorado and around the world. We’re developing our own software to bring these experiences to our clients because what we envision is not available on the market today for less than tens-of-thousands of dollars per tour.

So when it comes to preservation and conservation projects:

  • There should be increasingly more efficient and less expensive processes for inspecting and maintaining our historic and cultural assets
  • a 3D Tour creates an interactive, digital archive AND a global visitor’s center
  • these services should be more affordable for organizations, owners and alliances than Enterprise level premium offerings

Why we care about preservation

We believe that historical and cultural places of interest play an important role in community health and sustainability. Beyond the economic benefits of tourism and the memories we create on travel adventures is a deep connection to the human experience, the internal journey we find ourselves on when we visit somewhere unknown to us.

History is a journey colored with notable people who leave their mark on our hearts as their stories are passed down to us. The landscapes, buildings and homes of our heritage all tell a story of their own.

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