2D Maps, Models & Overlays

Orthomosaic Maps

Digital Terrain Models

Topographic Overlays

Google Maps/Earth Overlays

Orthomosaic Property Documentation for commercial property ownership changes and new building construction.  

Periodic aerial data sets are used to visually record building envelopes & technical hardware

RGB and Thermal imagery was taken for this local organic farm to investigate the source of poor yielding soil areas.


Assess the situation in 3D

Volumetric Measurements

Site Inspection

Installation Planning

Facility Management

Property Documentation in 3Dmodels and animations can be valuable in various commercial situations. 

Residential property developers and contractors use 3D site models to demostrate and track remodeling and landscaping projects. 

Adventure Safety & Training in 3D Models: Climbing Routes, ski runs, river navigation, hiking and mountain biking trailheads . . .


Non-RGB Outputs

Thermal Imaging / FLIR

Color Indexed/NDVI Maps

Digital Surface Models

Georeferenced Interior Imagery

Thermal roof and building envelope inspections are convenient and affordable with remote sensing from GreenSky.Systems. Water leakage, heat loss, exposure and storm damage . . .

Digital Surface Modelsdepict terrain and topographic features for site analysis. 

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