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from native file transfers to hosting a TourScape

Imagery capture is based on the final products you need, how you are using them and how to construct the highest quality assets to achieve our desired result. Photogrammetry assets like orthomosaic maps and digital models are processed with high resolution, georeferenced JPG images taken in the field. Deliverables constructed from aerial and ground capture may not be completely georeferenced. While not common, you're welcome to have your project's source files. Typical single-site projects will have 200-2,000 photos. 

Aerial Maps, 3D Models, and animations all require various rendered files to be compiled, so that they are easily viewable alone or published in a visual platform. 

If your project includes Orthomosaics or other 2D assets, you will generally receive stand-alone .TIF files that are viewable in many programs or imagery software. 

3D Models require multiple files to operate, and we utilize only leading 3rd party providers to render our models online. Some clients may have the ability to publish models themselves, or you require AutoCAD or another program to complete your project. We will provide you with everything you need to be successful. 

Animations and videos are processed into HD.mp4 files by default. Easily publishable on any video platform or embedded into your digital assets online.

3D Models are published and accessible through 3rd party visualization software at this time. Project files often are too large to qualify for free accounts with these vendors. So we are offering to publish and manage your models through our account (for a small fee in some cases), saving you time and money. 

TourScapes are addressed on a case-by-case basis. You are able to publish a TourScape on your own site and you will be able to host most of the native files, but there are several CSS and technical pieces that need to hosted on our server; and 3D models contained within your TourScape have to be hosted by a 3rd party. TourScapes that also included, with your permission, into the TourScape Universe where it can join the community of global Tours.

We're working to have a more integrated publishing capacity in the near future. Every project we work on brings us closer to expanding our capabilities and service offerings, and we appreciate your support. 

We understand that some project partners aren't in the business of hosting and managing large digital assets. We're happy to offer hosting and publication services to our clients and we continue to look for the most efficient way to improve our services. We maintain a secure server in-house and can take the load off of your resources. 


Whether a planning team is using your GreenSky assets in-house or you want to share your story with the world, your data needs to be published in a platform that is easy to use, is scalable and reliable. Great data needs to be shared and transparency could be an important aspect of your project. We offer multiple options for one-off projects and ongoing client programs to get your data in front of the eyes that need to see it most.   

The TourScape Universe

a global, interconnected world of visual experiences

some of our models live here
experience our first 3D models in their native environment

Drone Pilots on a Software Mission

GreenSky is a crew of professional remote pilots in Colorado. Our passion for photography, technology and learning has led us to create this amazing new digital experience called TourScape3D. A visual platform for learning and sharing aerial, ground and underwater imagery in 3D, at a price everyone can afford.

Our team has over 25 years experience in software programming, marketing and educational program development. Like almost all commercial drone pilots, we had a career before we became completely obsessed with this emerging technology. This is our genius at work for our clients, for people to experience the world in a new way, and to preserve and protect our natural and cultural resources.

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